Squabbo Sites chosen to develop/host campaign website for Ottawa City Council 2010 candidate Julia Ringma

Squabbo Sites has landed the website development/hosting of another candidate running in the 2010 City of Ottawa municipal elections. College Ward candidate Julia Ringma has her site up and running thanks to the quick turn service offered by Squabbo. Julia Ringma says:

“Squabbo Sites quick turnaround allowed me to get a site up fast which in turn let me begin work on the growing content while we finalized the look. Responsiveness to requests such as the countdown clock were also handled quickly and effectively.”

Click to enlarge image of site

Click to enlarge image of site

The site incorporates a WordPress MySQL database, several information pages, a customizable calendar, a candidate blog and a countdown counter to Election Day which was specifically requested by the campaign. Additionally, a graphic of the candidate was customized with a background photo and the website title as part of the initial set up.

True to our word, the site is clean, simple and was up quickly allowing the Ringma campaign to inform potential voters about the candidates stance on issues.

The site is built using the Mondo Zen 2.2 theme by Catarina Yamamoto as a base. You can view the site at this link. http://www.juliaringma.ca .

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